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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Comme Ci Comma Ca: Authentic Mediterranean Food

Today we were surprised to see the Comme Ci Comme Ca truck, also known as ChefSamirTruck parked on 52nd Street in midtown. I’ve only see this truck before around Wall Street, and given that they were recently declared as finalists in the upcoming Vendy Awards Rookie of the Year category, today seemed the perfect opportunity to sample some of their Middle Eastern food.

While Cous Cous is a dish that they are well known for, I opted to try one of their sandwich entrees, the Moroccon Kofta Brochette sandwich with beef, vegetables and sauces inside a baguette. For $6, the sandwich was smaller than I hoped, but it was one of the most perfect sandwiches I’ve ever had from a food truck. The baguette seemed to be hollowed out on the inside for the filling to fit perfectly inside. With the baguette closed, it would appear to be just a loaf of bread, but opened and you can see that it’s a full sandwich. The beef portions were generous inside, and the hot sauce and white sauce added a delicious kick to the vegetable mixture. The taste was some of the best flavored meat I’ve had from a halal vendor, which I guess accounts for the hefty prices. Sausage and cous cous can run you around $9, and the sides are all upwards of $3. Putting the price aside however, Comme Ci Comme Ca is a truly delicious Mediterranean truck, and we wish them the best of luck at the Vendy Awards this year.

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