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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Soccer Star to Open Food Truck in Portland

Midfielder Sal Zizzo from the MLS’s Portland Timbers has recently announced plans to develop a food truck with friends, based upon his own Italian heritage. Zizzo’s family owns restaurants in San Diego’s Little Italy district, so Zizzo and a friend purchased a truck and have spent time learning about food preparation and developing a menu and logo for the new enterprise. Zizzo will still remain on the Portland Timbers, which is wrapping up it’s season, but will make appearances on the truck, stating that he would be around there sometimes working the stove.

Since mentioning the truck on Twitter, the truck has been developing significant buzz, and Zizzo plans to launch the truck in a week or two. The truck will be opening at a popular downtown food truck location, and Zizzo plans to bring the flavors from San Diego’s Little Italy to this new area.
Though his friend will be primarily operating the truck, Zizzo will play a significant role in its operations during the Timbers’ off-season. The Timbers’ coach John Spencer eagerly anticipates the opening of this truck, hoping to negotiate himself free lunch.

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