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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Blog 15% Chronicles Low Tippers in Brooklyn

A Brooklynite has recently taken to the internet to voice his dissatisfaction with the low tips he receives as a delivery man. 20 year old Larry Fox from Williamsburg, Brooklyn has created a blog called 15%, chronicling the low tips he receives daily to publicly shame them. At first customer addresses were included as well, but Tumblr requested he take them down.
Fox states that the motivation behind this blog was to publicly shame the stinginess of his low-tipping customers. He “just got tired of all these big companies, these TV shows and movie sets giving us two or three dollar tips on a $90 order.” The blog has recently expanded to include updates from other delivery men, and answering questions by readers. Check out the blog for all the updates, and to reconsider ever giving out a low tip.

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